Hello Ludia person!

I am, of course, quite happy with the rest of my portfolio and I think all of it is quite relevant, but I wanted to have something that hit all of the points in your job listing (organic, high/low, 3ds, good UVs, texture things, different pipeline aspects, etc.), so I quickly finished this character from a little while ago and dropped it in to Unity 5 to try out the new Standard shader metalness workflow (though the same blocked-in masks and textures could be used with the legacy shaders or for an unlit/hand-painted thing).

The above pictures are all Unity 5 screen grabs, using the new Standard shader with the Albedo, Smoothness, Metallic, Normal and Occlusion maps below. The low-poly character was created in 3ds max and the high-poly details were all done in zBrush, mostly using noise maker to quickly establish surface textures and patterns. I baked the normal maps, vertex colours, cavity map, and ambient occlusion in xNormal and then put everything together in Photoshop. I'm using a few simple masks to block in smoothness values, adjust the albedo, add occlusion under the model's hair, etc. 

Please note: I've hidden the bleed/fill/gutter bits of these textures so that you can see what is going on more easily. The albedo and smoothness maps are still mostly just blocked in (the eyeball texture is from my 'Portrait' project, which also features some more developed photoshop textures and zBrush face sculpting).

I made a point of unwrapping the UVs with an even texel density for almost the entire model, except for the face and hands, which are at 2x the resolution, and the eyes which are at 4x (as you can see in the checker texture screen shots below).

And here is a Sketchfab:

Please let me know if I forgot to post anything of interest and check out the rest of my Portfolio. Thanks!